Oh how we distract ourselves,

from expectations gone awry,

subject behind our addictions,

such silent afflictions,

so afraid of what society does spy,

scared sheep placing dreams onto shelves.


Lost in the fear of suffering,


don’t dare to look back at your reflection,

calling ourselves the names we hear,

ego tripping on itself,

when I choose courage over fear,

residing in a joyful moment,

when I stand my ground.


Not one to call attention to herself,

mouth set in quiet determination,

lady even dressed in overalls and rubber boots,

standing in the muck.


She is beauty speaking quietly,

forgiving sin before the prayer,

the sweetest sound heard by the wretched,

transgressor pleading on his knees.


She is Pistis Sophia,

close to God’s heart,

she’s where he sends his creative motion.


Seeker calls her by many names…

she is like the Crane soaring in the sky,

Buddhists light their hopeful incense,

seeking Kuan Yin’s guidance.


Compassion found in lowliest places,

filled rice bowl for the street urchin,

warm blanket for the homeless,

where we witness,

God’s heart moving others to grace.

Waking the Tiger

She slept in her dreamy meadow,

underneath the safety,

of a shady Bodhi tree…

A fierce yet lone protector of,

her carefree cubs tumbling over, 

one another and climbing the tree’s branches.

She slumbers inside you and I,

our secret sanctuary.

Until the world outside makes its challenge.

She will fight for herself; for her love.

Do you dare to awaken the tiger?

What wonders flow from her eyes burning bright,

In the darkness of the silent night.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2014



I really appreciate the deeper meaning of the lyrics in James Arthur’s song “Recovery.” The journey of healing is a highly personal one. It can feel like one is a soldier in an army of one. No one can direct you down the path that is best for your own healing. Those who love you can support you along the way, which helps you feel less alone. Hope that you enjoy this acoustic version of his song.


Only Human

From time to time something will trigger an old wound of some kind. It may be hearing a song, someone saying something, or encountering something that is a reminder of sensory memory. It just goes to show that healing is an ongoing process. You may be a year into your recovery or twenty years on, and still find that you will struggle from time to time. Christina Perri’s new song “Human” is a creative work that illustrates how we, as human beings, are remarkable creatures yet also have our limits too.


Aphrodite Wounded

man speaks of her beauty defined,

she is a goddess incarnate,

when joined to you,

in passion’s throes.


give back what you stole!

you didn’t deserve her body’s temple.

love’s rain quenches her wrath:

manifested as churning stomach’s pit.


as divinity resides within her,

you will never see her tears,

she will hold her head high; with eternal grace

you will not witness Aphrodite wounded.


starving skin and bone little bitch

waiting for the scrapes to fall down from

Master’s feast


such is the state of my heart’s affairs.



for a little nourishment,

sunlight and water.

I am a winter hardy rose.

Steeled against the cold blizzards.


It won’t be the harsh elements,

killing me 

an overnight frost withering my petals


A flower can go into dormancy

will not survive if dead growth

or withhold water and hide in the shade


Like a starving animal trying to live off


Where Love Resides

silence walking home on a snowy night

as the moon keeps me company

a silver orb and comforting guardian

light playing passionately with the shadows


as I am not alone then

an angel’s wings cover grieving parents

who gently nurse their broken hearts

their little spark left them too soon

her bright laughter touched many hearts

she is still there in their love


the bowl of soup filling up a growling belly

a hug shared between two friends

wiping away a baby’s tear

your blue eyes reaching into my soul

these are all places where love resides