Remembering Christmas Spirit

The holiday season is approaching as shoppers bustle through the Store to get their lists completed. Advertisements show off the latest toys that kids will beg their parents for this season. We live in such a commercialized society that we sometimes forget that the holidays celebrated this time of year have religious origins. Whether you are Jewish, Pagan, or Christian they all share the spirit of giving and spending time with family. Last night my father was admitted to hospital and has been sick for some time with cancer. You never know when those memories you are making with loved ones could be the last ones. This season hold your loved ones close. Those who have much less than you it is worth sharing what you have to give even if it is just your time and a smile. The climate of fear we live with in our world today can start to be turned around if we respond to it with love. Love is such a fierce and pure force that it can work miracles. A miracle begins with a small kindness. Will you do someone that small kindness?



it aches when the wind goes through my bones,

turning a collar up to the unknown,

November’s chilly winds set mournful tones,

I don’t know what will be from fall’s seeds sown.


Is the sun behind those grey clouds?

where is that radiant light I knew.

needing comfort like scent of Irish stew

I don’t fit any more in these crowds.


My foot fall crunches leaves under me

It will be a long, hard season

As I set sail for an icy sea

it aches the heart without reason

Creative Beginnings


Photographs make time frozen in a perfect moment that one can only revisit when you go through your collection of pictures. Halloween’s passage made for an introspective time for me personally. Autumn began with my 35th birthday, which has me at life’s midpoint. I know that I can snap all the photographs in the world, but I cannot stop the passage of time. We can always choose what we do with the present moment that is right in front of us. The photograph above will be exhibited starting November 18th until December 29th at my local museum as part of an annual art show held by local artists. I chose recently to open my heart to the possibilities that intuition leads me towards. Something beautiful can happen when you are willing to receive who or what is in alignment with your soul. We each have a beautiful inner compass that guides our journey through this life if we will only trust it.


Sensitivity Struggles

Today I am savouring an afternoon where I have a little solitude to reflect on this past weekend. It is Thanksgiving Monday here is Canada. My son is spending an afternoon to play with his father and I am using my contemplative mood  as inspiration for this blog post. I was born and raised in a small town where the people are friendly to one another, but I never really felt like I belong here. I am the observer who learns a great deal about people when I drink my coffee quietly. This practice led to me learning a great deal about human nature. We all crave a sense of community and belonging. I spent the first half of my adult life attending university away from my small town then I worked overseas as a teacher. Both of these experiences have enriched my life in unexpected ways. Karina touches on a lot of the struggles that a highly sensitive person can go through in her video. I hope that you find it to be insightful into those who are sensitive.


Heart Chakra: How to Balance

Dr. Laura Koniver, MD, discusses in this video how the energy center of the heart chakra can influence the physical health of your body. The heart chakra when out of balance can affect health conditions like breast cancer, heart disease, back pain and fibromyalgia. She mentions different visualization and breathing techniques to re-align the heart chakra back into balance so the energy flows in a healthy manner. An energy imbalance can have a big impact on your physical, emotional and mental health.

Fashion Mood Boosters

Perk Up Your Day

I sit in front of my computer typing this blog post in bright red sweat pants and curled up in a cozy black fleece jacket lined in faux fur. Both of these appeal to my need today to be comfortable and warm as it’s a chilly autumn day where I will be close to home. Whether I am spending a day chasing my toddler at the playground or attending an art opening I want to feel good in what I wear. Fashion is one way to express who we are to the world outside ourselves. What we wear can have a very big impact on how we feel about ourselves.

I came across this short segment on Cityline, a Canadian talk show, about ways to boost your mood through what you wear. Cityline is a show that I view on a daily basis as the segments are always interesting on a variety of topics from cooking to fashion. Each day of the week revolves around a specific topic like beauty or family. The show is a breath of fresh air from the pessimistic television news or violent prime time television.

The details can be what makes the most impact. As a busy mom, if I can make a little effort then it makes me feel like I am still a beautiful and sexy woman. A scarf can elevate a basic outfit to a level where it becomes very chic. I love to throw on a scarf or a hat to change things up when I head out my door. A cross body bag is a practical solution when out running errands or going to work. Your choice of shoe illustrates who you are and what you do with your day. Even when you choose to purchase a coat with a pattern, or to choose something more traditional like a grey or black wool makes a statement beyond the need to dress warm.

Clothing can be a great creative expression that allows us to shine our inner light to the world. What’s also wonderful is how thrift or consignment shopping can lead to some great quality finds. Most of my “investment pieces” were purchased in this way as I have champagne tastes but a beer budget. So it is definitely worth having some fun with the hunt and experimenting to find your own person style!