No Distance

When the world ceased its care,
Your heart doesn’t  stand alone,
You’ll  find me always there,
Where you’ve  nothing  to  atone.

It may appear fragile and small,
To those who don’t know,
A glass globe of snow,
Shaken up, it blinds us all.

It’s not me driving,
Through the darkness  tonight,
A lifetime  spent surviving,
Car’s beams create one light.

As I close my tired eyes,
A gentle fire fills my heart,
Your  love is a  beautiful art,
No distance.

Lost in Flow

Sunday night I had a paint brush in my hand as I lost track of time. It had been about 6 months since I last held one. It was not a canvas that I painted on, but a backdrop for a local play where I am a member of the cast.

A few of us choose to wear more than one hat by volunteering our time to make costumes, construct sets or in whatever way that the production needs. The backdrop is a huge panel that stands over six feet tall. We laid it on a large table where you work on one panel at a time. It would be a huge undertaking for one person to do all the backdrops alone. There were a few of us working together who all have different levels of artistic experience.

I am a self taught artist who never worked in that scale before. There is something magnificent and magical that happens when you have people join together on something they are passionate about. I found myself in the beautiful place known as flow. Time ceases to exist when you are blissfully creating.

I would slip gently in and out of flow when talking to those I was working with. Flow is where doing becomes the state of being. I am engaged in the creative process that connects me to my soul, God and to others. My hands are the vehicle that transfers creativity through my paint brush onto the surface.

I am excited for the possibilities that emerge from flow. Next weekend I will be painting the finishing touches on the sets. Why I was away from painting for so long remains a mystery to me. The prodigal artist needs to never venture so long from home ever again.


10 Things I Hate About You

Those we love have the beautiful capacity to push our buttons through what they do or don’t do. Today was just one of those days where nothing felt like it was going right. We all have those days from time to time. As irritated as I am feeling at times the love is always there. It can be infuriating to continue to love even when you feel angry or hurt, but what is so beautiful is how the love is always there no matter what.


Being You: God’s Masterpiece

We have such magnificence as God’s creations. This twelve year old girl, Akiane, is a self taught artist who creates these beautiful, emotional  and  spiritual  paintings. She was born into a  family where God never was a  topic of  discussion. She began expressing her faith at a  young age through her art. She says in her interview  that faith is the  most important thing to  staying in communication  with God. It is through that guidance that he uses her natural  talents as an artist to reveal all that he is to uplift and inspire people. How will you, by being the wonderful  creation that you are, express  divinity in this world? It starts by you being you, your soul then taking it out into the  world.

Soul Cravings

Sometimes she shuts her eyes,
Breathing Love from root to crown,
Someone’s heart yearning,
Comes as a soul call to hers,
Across universe’s  vast expanse,
It comes as a soft whisper,
Travels faster than light’s speed,
She knew you in a place…
Long ago and far away,
Desire for connection,
It’s an unfinished symphony,
A half written epic,
These soul cravings.