The Creative Wall

What does one do when your creative juices feel tapped out? This morning it feels like  I hit a wall or my path is blocked by a large boulder that I can’t move. I had about six to seven months of creating art, writing poetry on a regular  basis  and  I started to learn photography. I experimented with sea shell craft, collage and painting with mixed mediums. It was a very emotional time for me, because I  grieve my father then lost another family member in June.    The second loss was my cousin who had not yet reached thirty years old. I’m a  few years older than he is so I spent a lot of time thinking existential thoughts. Art can be a great outlet for such an experience. I no longer know what to do with this blog or if anyone  reads my posts. I am not sure whether I have outgrown this blog, need to breathe fresh  life into it or to start a new creative project. Has anyone out there experienced  this creative wall? I would love to hear from you in the comments  what you did to climb the creative wall.

Fall’s Blessings

Last weekend we had Thanksgiving here in Canada. It was my first one without my father since his death in December 2014. This past year hasn’t been an easy one for me emotionally. I have always been deeply sensitive to the emotions of those around me, and I feel my own very intensely. Something shifted in me bearing witness to my mother’s grief at losing her partner of 39 years (it would have been forty this past August) and how the dynamic has changed within my family since my dad is no longer physically with us. I am not the same person who I was a year ago or even a few days ago. What my experiences have taught me is that love lives on after we die and your time on this earth can be very short. I am very gently getting acquainted with my soul and what lights it up. Photography, art and writing are those creative things that keep my spark lit. Yesterday evening I took a long walk with my camera where I snapped close to 80 photographs. Below you will find a sampling of what I find beautiful about this time of year.

DSC00218 DSC00219 DSC00216 DSC00215 DSC00214 DSC00206 DSC00205

Beds Burning

Fire met gasoline too many times…
Lit match caught the sheets on fire,
Flames burning the sheets and broken headboard,
No longer messing my bed with me,
Without love…my room is scorched,
Fire travels across the bed to the walls,
Passion plays in the words of youth’s record,
I leave her to those pages,
She can burn on the pyre,
I shut the door behind me,
As beds burning…
I look behind me as the house is razed,
On unholy ground.

Watch “Lady Gaga – Til It Happens To You” on YouTube

Lady Gaga is drawing attention to how much of a problem rape is on college campuses. Her video “Till It Happens” uses some graphic images to provoke the viewer to seriously think. Why not use creativity to send a message about what needs to change in our society? How can we better educate men and women to change things around? How can we better support survivors in the aftermath of sexual assault?

It Comes Sweetly

A wave crashes me to your shore,
Lighthouse beacon shimmering on the water,
I see your face in the crescent moon,
It comes so  sweetly,
Our once upon a time…
We are rolling in the deep together,
I am the scales on the fishes,
Thousands of shells scattered on the shore,
You are the moon, stars, and  infinite  galaxies,
It comes so sweetly,
Our once upon a time…
I am the mermaid watching your ship,
Sailing for destination  unknown,
Carry with you, my Beloved…
Love and how,
It comes sweetly.

A Love That Has No End

Matt Kahn makes some very interesting points about how emotion gives us a visceral experience of how we interpret our experiences. When you feel emotions in your body they let you know whether that experience is in alignment with you. He speaks about how love exists only during a constant state of openness. Love has no beginning or ending and exists outside our constructs of time. The video is well worth the time to listen to what he has to say if you approach it with openness.