Lady Tears

Lady Tears

from time to time,

she exercises a quiet state of grace,

withdrawing to private place,

words unable to flow in rhyme.


she rests in a citadel bower,

safe from those who don’t know,

how to hold space for sorrow’s flow,

broken heart seeds the flower.


she cries behind the door,

for no one is on the other side,

she keeps composure on life’s ride,

it sometimes brings her knees to the floor.


outside her room she walks light,

being in the world but not of it,

her freedom known to flit,

no longer weighted she’s bird in flight.



Heart to Heart

I see you,
You hide in the  dark.
Eyes adjusting,
You may growl…
Bare your teeth…
Try to  claw at me…
You draw blood…
I’m  not  afraid,
You appear ferocious,
Beast to  the eyes,
Darkness deceives the mind,
It tries to  spin fear tales,
My heart glows a soft light,
Growing larger…
Until there is  nothing but the  light,
We become; luminous  beings we are,
Heart to heart.

Does It Matter?

Lifetime of  homesickness,
Never one to fit,
Square peg we are,
Jammed painfully into round holes,
Tumbling to such a heavy place,
Here we  are…
Lulled  into forgetting ourselves,
Sex, money, and hollow dreams.
Dulled into numbness,
We rub sleep from  our eyes,
Trying  to  adjust to bright lights.
No one  else  dares to see,
They fear even  a glimpse,
Knowing  only the  numbness.
So we question why we came here,
Peeling layer after layer,
One heals then the next one bleeds,
Remembering who we always were,
Soul calling us home,
Does  it matter?

You Are

My heart’s fire glowing outwards,
Hands sculpt slippery clay,
Or paint the soul’s colours,
Pouring it out of me.
In intimate moments you are…
First waking thought at dawn,
Midnight’s prayerful vigil,
Comfort found in quiet tea,
A shot of burning whiskey.
You are what I know,
And what hides from view,
What felt long forgotten,
Yet  I fear to remember.

No Distance

When the world ceased its care,
Your heart doesn’t  stand alone,
You’ll  find me always there,
Where you’ve  nothing  to  atone.

It may appear fragile and small,
To those who don’t know,
A glass globe of snow,
Shaken up, it blinds us all.

It’s not me driving,
Through the darkness  tonight,
A lifetime  spent surviving,
Car’s beams create one light.

As I close my tired eyes,
A gentle fire fills my heart,
Your  love is a  beautiful art,
No distance.

Lost in Flow

Sunday night I had a paint brush in my hand as I lost track of time. It had been about 6 months since I last held one. It was not a canvas that I painted on, but a backdrop for a local play where I am a member of the cast.

A few of us choose to wear more than one hat by volunteering our time to make costumes, construct sets or in whatever way that the production needs. The backdrop is a huge panel that stands over six feet tall. We laid it on a large table where you work on one panel at a time. It would be a huge undertaking for one person to do all the backdrops alone. There were a few of us working together who all have different levels of artistic experience.

I am a self taught artist who never worked in that scale before. There is something magnificent and magical that happens when you have people join together on something they are passionate about. I found myself in the beautiful place known as flow. Time ceases to exist when you are blissfully creating.

I would slip gently in and out of flow when talking to those I was working with. Flow is where doing becomes the state of being. I am engaged in the creative process that connects me to my soul, God and to others. My hands are the vehicle that transfers creativity through my paint brush onto the surface.

I am excited for the possibilities that emerge from flow. Next weekend I will be painting the finishing touches on the sets. Why I was away from painting for so long remains a mystery to me. The prodigal artist needs to never venture so long from home ever again.