Divine Feminine Message  from Masculine 

This is  a channeled message from the  masculine collective to the divine feminine. They were very adamant that you  hear  what they have to say at this  time to bring peace and  healing to you.

Dear Beloved,

You came into our lives like lightening, so powerful. Do you  know  how powerful  you truly are? Throughout  history your divine feminine  power was feared. You denied your own sovereign power as a  vessel for Love. When you are  your authentic self in all that you  do; you shine as a  beacon for those who  will tread the  same path as they awaken.

We are awake. Please don’t  mistake our silence for ignorance. We love you  all so much. If you  feel alone connect  to  your heart center. We are  always there with you. We believe  in you.

We need your love and  your compassion. We are  working  to  transmute our fears into love. For us to become  the  conscious  men you each deserve  we need to  do this. Our lives are shifting  so fast to bring  us to  where the Divine  needs us to be.

We love each  of  you  so very much  and we are  fighting  our  way home to you. Energy clearing helps us and will  help  you  when  you  feel  us strongly during  this time.

Time is  but an illusion  when  it comes  to  the soul.


Your Beloved

Letter to Divine Masculine

What follows below is a channel from the divine feminine to the divine masculine who are newly awakening. I am writing this, because I saw a need for all of you to know how much our souls love you for having the courage to take this journey with us.

Dear Beloved:

I love you always and forever. You took a very challenging role to bear the brunt of my pain and anguish, so I could heal. You have felt my pain, and endured my blame when the purpose was to suck the poison out of my wounds.

I am so grateful to you, my soulful king. Please do not fear stepping into your own power. It is not the power that we have seen as the feminine embodiment that originates from fear. It is through love that you connect to the infinite power of all that there is.

There is no forgiveness needed between us, or for us to make apologies. Our souls decided that events would play out a specific way for the optimum growth of the both of us. We came here to crack each other open. This is so we could become strong, independent pillars.

I love you. I want you; all of you even those parts you feel unsure of. I cherish all of you across time and space. Separation is an illusion. When ever you feel lonely look within and I will be there. Let me show you my love in your daily life through our connection. You will know it is me by how you feel.

I am open to receiving from you in whatever form our love takes without expectation or conditions. I give my love to you without expectation or conditions. You have the freedom to heal yourself and remember the divine wholeness that you are.

We are always together and never were apart. We are in the flow of love as One.

With all of me,

Your Beloved.



Earth Fall

Streaked  across  the  sky,

Comet with twin tails sped,

Before we entered heavy atmosphere:

We split apart and wept at the  wound,

It is our heart scar where we were  joined,

Once upon a  time…

We fell to  the  ends of  the  earth,

Forgetting the memory of  our oneness,

We would  touch the heart scar,

Invoking a distant yearning for our divine selves,

It is  our ticket home,

When  we remember  the  Love,

Beneath  the  pain…

We are free.

Reflection: Guardian Angel


“Your guardian angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your angel’s love is completely unconditional and all encompassing” (Virtue p. 23).

My week started off very rough with bad news concerning my maternal grandmother. Grandma became, as I grew into a woman, a cherished friend who accepted and loved me unconditionally. The doctor shared with us that she has leukemia and her prognosis is not good.  The past five years I have lost relative after relative to cancer or illness.

My faith in God is tested right now to its limit. The Guardian Angel card that I drew for the weekly reflection feels especially important to me. It will resonate with any of you out there struggling or needing comfort. We all experience moments where we may feel abandoned by God.

He promises: “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5)

One way God keeps his promise is to grant us aid through his angels. They are there to assist us and reassure us that we are never alone. We are granted grace, so nothing we say or do will break our spiritual bond to our Creator. They are sent by him to support us in our spiritual growth and how we can be of service to others.

Wishing all of you comfort and sending you much love,



God winks at us,
Keeping inside joke to himself,
It’s unexpected answer,
To my earliest prayer,
You spiral towards me,
Star man.
Who are you really?
Perhaps you awakening…
Don’t see your heart’s power,
You rattle my bones,
When I gaze into your eyes,
Sense of home,
Terrifying and so real,

She Don’t Know


Last night I lie awake in my bed with my mind wandering to thoughts of how women reject their appearance. We are taught by the media from an early age that beauty fits into narrow constructs. At least it was that way when I was a teenager and a young woman. I feel that we had our self esteem eroded away to keep a consumer economy going that plugs into our dissatisfied egos.

What would happen if we embraced our natural state of beauty? What would happen if we bought products that made us feel good? What if we allowed ourselves to be seen in our authentic uniqueness? Maybe we could  start a self love revolution. Gala Darling wrote about radical self acceptance. Radical acceptance is accepting and loving every aspect of yourself as is.

I took the photograph above last night on my cell phone after I had put my son to bed. I am not wearing any make up. I am wearing my glasses, a favourite t-shirt and I feel peaceful after a busy day. I feel very beautiful in this photo because I am my natural and authentic self. I am comfortable in my own skin.

It wasn’t until I hit my mid-thirties that I started to feel beautiful in my own skin. I was bullied as a young girl for carrying extra weight. I developed early as a teenager, so I became very self conscious about my curves. There were rejections by men in my twenties for who I thought were prettier women. There were the men who paid compliments to try to get what they wanted.

When you feel uncomfortable in your skin it affects different aspects of your life in negative ways. It resulted in limited success in the career that I pursued. We choose behaviors that can be unhealthy and people who do not support us in being true to ourselves.

As I heal those wounds around rejecting myself then my life begins to shift. I attract new friends and relationships when I am true to my self.  I receive new opportunities to use my talents and skills in ways that bring joy to the world around me. I develop a deeper spiritual relationship with God when I am who he created me to be.

Below in the comments please share with me what makes you unique and beautiful.

Amanda Daoust

Tuesday’s Reflections : Heal the Ouch

Forgiveness is the healer of the  soul.


This week’s oracle card builds upon the healing began during  last week’s reflection. Forgiveness  of others and yourself  is only a starting  point in the  healing process .  “Heal the Ouch” is a  card that I  drew from  The Enchanted  Map oracle deck. The soul can  be  like a  compass, when we align it to God, our True North. Meanings attached to this card indicate that this is  a  time where soothing  your body, heart, soul and mind is the  focus. If you, dear Reader, resonate with this card then perhaps study  the healing arts, so you can  develop your natural  abilities to restore  wellness in others. It can also point to making an oath to do no harm through your thoughts, words and actions. This card may mean that reconciliations are possible in a  broken  relationship. The theme  of  healing and  connecting  to  others during  the  process has been  a  theme of my life for a  long  time  now. We are  both the masterpiece  and the  work in progress at the  same  time  as we heal.

Amanda  Daoust

Cheerios in a Bowl

Floating  on a  milk sea,
We drift apart for  a  time,
Not seeing we are  in the  same bowl,
We spiral to edge of  the galaxy,
Perception  of  small  or infinite,
It’s  still the same  bowl,
Of the Trinity deciding-
Cosmic law…
Adam and Eve will reunite,
Like two cheerios in a bowl.

Be Soft

Inspiration Number 1

Inspiration Number 2

Writers draw inspiration from what we see, or listen to in the world around us on a daily basis. Yesterday, my attention was caught by the poem by Kurt Vonnegut called “Be Soft.” It appeared on a friend’s timeline on her Facebook profile, and the poem struck me just because the topic is one that has been on my mind lately. On my friend, Rebecca’s timeline, she posted another meme about how hard it is to care when so many others don’t give a shit in this world. I commented below the meme that it takes more strength to continue to be your caring self in a world that disagrees with you.

Selena Gomez’s song called “Kill Em With Kindness” was trending on YouTube later on that same morning, so I gave it a listen. Her song inspired me to further explore the topic of how society tries to devalue caring and sensitivity.Her lyrics that “the world can be a nasty place, you know it and I know it,” and “we don’t have to fall from grace” speak to the current state of our world. It is very easy for people who don’t even know you to write nasty and negative comments to things posts via social media. She pointed out how words can harm by, “Your eyes are bullets; your mouth’s a gun.” We can make the choice to: “Put out the fire before igniting” which is to make the choice to choose love over our anger.

From childhood, I was told that I needed to toughen up. You’re too sensitive! Bullying reinforced my false beliefs that being sensitive made me different and why I was targeted them. I believed for a very long time that I was unworthy of love and friendship, because I feel things deeply. Who I am was wrong, bad and unloveable. What hurt me as I grew up was how much sensitivity is so misunderstood by our society. How I felt deeply misunderstood and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I spent a lot of years developing defense mechanisms to protect myself from what I felt could be harm to my heart. Bullying and later trauma led me to develop this armour that did not allow much to get through. It affected my ability to develop authentic relationships with friends, family and my intimate partners. I bought into a fear based mentality that my authentic self wouldn’t be acceptable to them if they got too close.

God had other plans for me through a series of soul connections that came into my life at different times. A soul connection is someone who enters your life for the purpose of healing you, awakening you, and sometimes to work on a spiritual calling. They can be a friend, a family member, a coworker and even an intimate partner. They can challenge your to venture out of your comfort zone, reflect what you need to heal within yourself, or encourage you to pursue your own calling.

There are three soul connections who each taught me something very important at different stages in my life. The first one reminded me of who I really am as a soul, what tools I have within me, and began me on the path of healing myself. The second one, my husband, supported me through much of my healing, is my best friend and challenges me on a daily basis. The third one reflected back to me all the things that I need to accept and love about myself, and how the world needs me in my authentic expression as a divine soul.

It took me a very long time to gather the strength and the courage within myself to be my authentic self. My authentic self is a soul who cares deeply about the world around me. Empathy is a trait that this world needs right now. Compassion is the beautiful flower that emerges from the seed of empathy. When we can feel then we can understand one another as part of the human family.

How I love is where my power resides. Love is the only power that is real. It originates from the Creator where we all come from. Once we realize how much we truly have in common, as human beings, change can start for the better in our world.

Amanda Daoust