Always too much in between,
A space I can’t face,
Such an exquisite ache I’ve known,
If it wasn’t for pride I’d crumple,
Undignified and undisciplined.
Is the one who made me so cruel?
So I take it deep inside,
Where no one will know,
I’ve never been enough,
Yet too much at the same time.
Please take me Home…
As my heart needs rest.

Prodigal Daughter

In a kingdom near by but a long ago time,

Lived a princess who was special,

Her heart could see into others’ hearts,

What a beautiful healing gift she had!

King loved his precious daughter very much.


This joy was not to last forever…

She sensed in a friend’s heart his despair,

It was a secret that he alone carried…

Tragedy extinguished his vibrant spark.

Her heart broke before anyone else knew.


That broken heart became an open portal,

For darkness likes to try to destroy it,

Heinous whispers began from those around her,

You knew before we did?

Lies buzzed in her ears and in the air.

She was to be feared and shunned as so very wrong.


She vanished under cloak of night far away,




The King sent out his brave knights, but they returned with no trace of her,

Except for one who continued to search.


The princess traveled far away to foreign lands,

She witnessed the horrors and rarely the love,

From the vast seas to dry deserts,

Her hands became calloused by work,

Her heart hardened by loneliness,

She longed deeply for home,

Carrying a deep sadness that she was in exile forever.


The knight was almost ready to give up his search,

He stopped at a well to quench his thirst,

Then he looked up to meet her eyes,

Moment of recognition…


She grabbed her sword in defense,

He took it gently out of her hands and said:

“It’s time for you to come Home,

Your Father loves you and cries at your loss.”


She held his hand as he helped her onto his horse,

Gazing into his kind, gentle and careworn eyes,

He had seen many battles to find her,

He vowed to keep her safe on their journey home.


By firelight, she tended to his old wounds,

She remembered her beautiful gift,

Returning her to a softness balanced by experience,

He became more the knight he once knew as his heart healed,

She carried a sad ache as they were almost home.


He looked as her sadly as he took her off his horse,

They both knew it was time to say farewell,

He had another journey to take,

For she was no longer the prodigal daughter,

And he had brought her Home.

Heart Whisper

Long night boxing with shadows,
Tossing and turning…
Alone with the strange ache,
Kettle ball in my chest,
I’m too heavy for sleep,
Please come caress me…
Let me drift towards peace,
Even if my heart whispers in my dreams,
Sleep be like a faithful lover,
Make me forget…
What busy disguises in waking,
In the dark my soul longs too much for home.

Salt Water

Alone in a darkened room,
World slows in pace,
She sits by window sill,
Cup of tea warming cold hands,
Wrapping herself under cozy blanket,
Ache creeps in…
When your heart knows before the words come,
They never see her taste,
Salt water sending her out…
Carried away by the current,
No choice but to surrender,
To sting of the salt water.

A Mystery

I travel down this dark tunnel,
My fears trying to pull me back,
Only one light…
Only one light…
Only one light…
Nothing grants a clue to where I go,
I can see only just in front of me,
How long will I walk in darkness?
My heart asks for answers…
So I wait in surrender,
To see a mystery.


Time stands still to me,
In obsidian night’s passage,
Search for stars or moonlight,
They left me alone with You,
Toxins stream within my blood,
Shut down systems one by one…
An ancient purge,
Poison flows out of me,
Am I dreaming your face?
You are the galaxy scattered with infinite stars…
Then I awaken from the illusion,
Of the world I thought I knew,
Witnessing part of eternity unfolding,
After the blood letting.