Early Beauty

Hello everyone,

Very early this morning, I was looking through my bedroom window as I was sitting up in bed. I could view the top part of a giant spruce tree covered with snow from my vantage point. The snow had this prestine quality like white fondant icing you would find on a cake before you would swipe a taste with your finger. Do you remember running your finger along the outside of a cake and tasting the icing as a kid? The beautiful view from my window struck me at how much beauty there is in the innocence of childhood.

My home is located in Northern Ontario, and we are one of the few parts of the province that has managed to have snow all winter. The weather this winter has been a little bit strange due to the jet stream activity. The beautiful snowy view is a good motivator for me to take a walk later on.

As I was going downstairs to make my morning coffee I looked outside the window that overlooks my backyard. We have an old birch tree and pine tree in our backyard. Both of these were covered with white fluffy snow that looks like coconut you would put on some kind of dessert. Cooking and baking are two hobbies that I both find great comfort in. It’s one of my joys to try a new recipe, and have my husband come home after a long day at work to a house that smells wonderful.


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