Determined to Enjoy the Day

Hello everyone,

The tone of my post today will be a little different. Sleep is still proving to be a challenge at the moment. I managed to get to bed at around midnight last night, but I drifted in and out of sleep most of the night. Today my body feels achy all over, especially, the ankle that I injured last May falling down my basement stairs.

I fractured the outer ankle bone the fibula, and was not aware that I fractured it until I reinjured it again later on. The bone was healing on its own, but I had another fall two months later where I badly sprained my ankle. I could not walk very well through most of last summer, and had to get family in to my home to assist me with house cleaning, etc. If I push the ankle too much by walking, or excessive exercise it tends to ache.

Despite lack of sleep and feeling achy, I am determined to enjoy my day as much as possible. The ankle will be wrapped in a tensor bandage, and I am going to wear a pair of boots with good ankle support when I go out today. My girlfriend, Anna, gave me a call a little while ago about going out thrift shopping, and for a coffee afterwards. Getting out of the house on a regular basis is important to recovery, so even on difficult days, I try to force myself to get out for a little while.

Sometimes a good day is one where I know that I am still breathing. When you realize that someone could have taken your life…there is alot of power in the knowledge that you are still breathing. Despite how I feel today, I am so very grateful to be still breathing.



2 thoughts on “Determined to Enjoy the Day

    1. You can click on “Follow” near the top of the page if you wish to receive updates to my blog. I am going to write more blog posts in the near future about how to cope during rough times with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The coping strategies though are not a substitute for speaking with a psychologist/psychiatrist, or a counselor. These professionals can suggest ways to change negative thinking patterns, and provide medication to keep you mentally stable during the therapy process.

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