Reclaiming Pretty

So it has been a couple of days since I last wrote a blog post. Earlier this week, I met with a new physician who has ordered some tests and an x-ray to check that every thing is functioning alright. It has been a few years since I had a physical check up, and this doctor is being very thorough, which I greatly appreciate. He expressed concern during my Tuesday appointment that I am a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer later on due to my weight. I was also weighed during this visit, and my weight is at the highest that it has ever been in my life. The nurse weighing me was so traumatic that I had to fight back tears as I was waiting for the doctor. I have struggled with weight issues for most of my life.

Now the doctor’s appointment prompted me to write this blog post about reclaiming pretty. I don’t think that anyone can become healthier mentally or physically unless you can find something good about yourself.

One of the advertising campaigns that I LOVE is Dove’s campaign for real beauty. They feature women of all different body types, skin colours and ages in their ads. This is pioneering work socially and good business sense, because most women who buy their products want to feel good about themselves, not bad. It’s a company, which I buy their products on a regular basis, because they do what they say they will and some of the profits go to support programs to help girls develop healthy self-esteem.

I’m going to talk below about two photographs, and why I felt beautiful or pretty in each one.

Pretty in Innocence
6 year old Amanda

Me on my Wedding Day

Six Year Old Amanda as Pretty

I feel pretty in this school photograph, because someone loved me enough to take care with curling my hair, and allowed me to pick out that pink frilly dress. As a child, I was very much a girly girly who loved pink and ruffles. My smile was a genuine one before I knew how to hide how I really feel. As young children, we tend to show who we really are because we are innocent of other’s expectations of us. I miss that young girl’s curiousity, imagination and joy for living.

Amanda as a Pretty Bride

Behind me you can see Marc my husband who is holding me tight like he won’t ever let me go. Earlier that day one of my close girlfriends, Kim, carefully did my makeup, and my hair was curled to bring out its natural waves when it’s long. My mother had worked carefully on sewing my tiara to my veil so it wouldn’t come off in the wind. My maternal grandma loaned me her vintage rhinestone jewelry, and a family friend worked on adjustments to my wedding dress so it would fit right. The time, care, and love that other people took to help make one of the most important days of my life perfect made me feel so very beautiful, and pretty. It is Marc’s love for me, and their loving efforts, which made me feel beautiful.

A woman who is loved will show her inner and outer beauty to the world, whether she is 105 pounds, or 250 pounds. Now our society will value one more than the other, but as I age I care more about my health then what other people think. With the help of my doctor I am going to work on reclaiming my pretty by being the healthiest that I can be. If you know a beautiful woman who radiates love then give her a hug today. Too many women who I know don’t feel like they can be “pretty.” It should not be ever okay for societal norms to dictate that you are worth less than you truly deserve.



2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Pretty

  1. I just want to hug you! You are brave and beautiful.
    P.S. Beauty can be felt as well as seen. If you don’t see it, yet, when you look in the mirror. Then feel your strong inner beauty and focus on that!

    1. Thank you very much for your compliment, and the hug. You give some really great advice about focusing on the inside first. Yesterday was really tough on me, but it is a great opportunity as well to become healthy so there is some wonderful beauty in that. I’m going to check out your blog.

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