Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, and Peter Levine

Peter Levine discusses in this video what happens to the nervous system when someone experiences trauma on the body level. Sensory body memories can be a very difficult thing for PTSD patients to heal. The Slinky analogy makes a great deal of sense when you start to understand how much energy the person with PTSD uses to try to keep that chaotic energy in. It is only by slowly releasing this energy that someone can begin to heal and feel better.

Rebounding from Trauma

Peter Levine talks about the inspirational story of one of his first patient’s, Nancy, who becomes empowered after a session where she re-experiences an earlier trauma. The re-experiencing leads to those somatic memories being freed, so the energy from the trauma is discharged. After this session she no longer experiences panic attacks. Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine is one of the most influential and important books today in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Healing Trauma in 4 Levels of the Heart

Paige Barthlomew discusses in this youtube video how healing trauma cannot occur unless the healing happens on the level of where the wounding occurs. These four levels consist of the ego, heart, soul and unity. It is an insightful view into healing trauma in a different way. As someone who greatly values psychology used in conjunction with spirituality; Paige merges the two concepts together in a way that is practical and makes sense.

Watching these videos gives me hope, and I felt that early this morning someone else might be able to benefit from seeing them as well.



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