Beggar at the Feast

Beggar at the Feast

Once upon a time

Yet closer than two hearts touching

A king offered a place at his table

To the poorest of souls

Feast was set with fresh breads

Fragrant cuts of the best meat cooked slowly

Wine imported from every corner of the globe

She sat before him dressed in rags

Dirty face and tangled hair

His court laughed at her

The king did not care but told her to sit beside him

Scents of the feast intoxicated her senses

Her tiny stomach growled in hunger

Her dry lips cracked in thirst

His clear voice resonated in the great hall:

“Anything that you wish to eat or drink is yours alone,

Those of you who laughed shall dine last,

On scraps not fit for the dogs,

The meekest shall come first to sit by my side.”

She slowly ate and drank her fill

Until her stomach no longer ached

And her thirst was quenched.

He took her to be bathed,

Dressed her in the finest robes,

Had servants gently comb out her hair.

In a room filled with stars,

He pulled her towards him

And the two became one.

So what was broken was mended once again.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


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