Forgotten Feelings Remembered

Today I am feeling energetic, my passion for living is returning, I am loved, and feeling my courage increase the more that I face what scares me. Something has lit a fire, which I thought burned out a long time ago. The journey isn’t an easy one to take. You visit some dark and scary corners during the healing process. Befriending your shadow, or lower self is an important part of the healing process as you acknowledge it, and choose to make peace with it.  The fierce dragon snarling in my dark corner needed the thorn pulled out, so she could sleep peacefully once again.

The place where I am now in my journey inspired a poem:

Forgotten Feelings Remembered

 Blue sky above me

Sunlight warming my face

Wind whispering playfully in my ear

Looking to the sky I see

Blackbird isn’t singing

In the dead of night

She is flying with her feathers

Reflecting the bright light

Soaring above small world

Small bird once again

At peace with the Sky

My poem was inspired by “Blackbird” which was originally written by the Beatles. It is actually my favourite song by them. Anyone who has ever tried to live when wounded can find deep meaning in the lyrics and music. Here is a beautiful cover of “Blackbird” that Sarah McLauglin did. Hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I do.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


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