The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim

Fool of tarot card fame

Carrying a wand to hold your bundle

Dog yipping at your heels

Faith to cross the rainbow bridge

Madness to walk on air?

Or is faith what the heart knows?

Jesus walked on water

Told fishermen to have faith

Or you will drown

How many have hearts without fear?

Trust what your heart knows.

Heart chakra is space for God’s voice.

And a holy temple for Love.

Not the grasping kind of men…

Universal fulfilling warmth of Source.

We search our whole lives like pilgrims

When it was here all the time…

Within our Hearts.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


2 thoughts on “The Pilgrim

    1. Thank you cloudborne for saying that the poem was beautiful. I switched the theme, because the new one is a great deal more peaceful looking and better fits the content that I have been posting lately. Thank you also for reading my blog.

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