Candle Light Before Dawn

Sirens wailed outside the window of her apartment as she thoughtfully carressed the guardian angel medallion around her neck. It has begun with increased terrorist attacks, earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Now the power had been out for two days in her city. Many were frightened, and the world outside had gone mad with fear.

It had already been dark for twenty-four hours straight. She sat on the couch next to her cat, Isis, who was sleeping peacefully. Isis opened one eye at her then drifted back off to sleep. She stroked the cat behind the ears as she began to purr. The cat was not bothered by the ruckus outside, but was a peaceful contrast in her repose.

She had tried to call her family who were half an ocean away, but the phone lines appeared to be disconnected. She sat there, and sent them loving thoughts…wishing that they were well and safe. With the chaos in the streets it was not safe for her to leave her apartment unless absolutely necessary. She heard screaming in the streets and crying. She prayed to God to keep her safe, and those she was thinking about at the present time. She had food, shelter and appeared to be safe where she was.

Music broke through the sounds of the sirens outside. Someone close by was singing and playing a guitar. She brought two candles with her as she got up from the couch to investigate where that beautiful music was coming from. The melody was simple, and passionate like the sound of someone’s heart breaking. She recognized it as coming from a deep place in someone’s heart.

She knocked on the door; hoping that the guitarist would answer. She heard someone’s footfalls moving towards the door as she held her breath. Two wise and tired blue eyes met her own as she noticed his shock of dark hair.

“Hello, what do you want?” He looked at her skeptically but noticed that she was holding an extra unlit candle in her hands. She tried to hide the shaking of her hands.

“I heard your music, and thought that maybe you could use more light to play by, ” she replied.

He took a good look at her kind green eyes, and the way that the candle light played off her short brown hair. She seemed harmless enough, and perhaps her company was better than just that of his guitar.

“Go ahead come on in. My name is Peter. May I ask who you are?”

“Hi, I’m Mary.” She shook his hand when he offered it to her. Then he put a kettle on a small portable camp stove.

“Do like earl gray tea? I am sorry but it is all that I have at the moment. With it being so wild outside I am not going out again until we get daylight.”

She nodded, “Yeah that would be fine. So are you all alone?”

He paused for a moment then said, “Now that you are here, no I have the company of three of you.”

She looked at him puzzled for a moment. “Three of us?”

He looked deeply into her eyes like he recognized her from somewhere. The past twenty-four hours of darkness had worn him out as he had no one, but God who cared. He had been praying for company, and started playing his guitar to remedy his loneliness.

“By three of us, I mean God, you and myself. As you can see there is no one else.”

He handed her the steaming cup of tea, and made one for himself. He picked up his guitar again and motioned for her to sit down on a nearby chair. She lit the spare candle she had brought with her, and set the two burning candles next to each other on his coffee table. His livingroom had a comtortable couch and a club chair that she was sitting in now.

He asked, “Any requests?”

She thought for a moment and asked, “Do you know anything by the Beatles?”

He played a few different tunes that included “Blackbird,” and “Let it Be.” They talked a little bit about both of their lives. She was a freelance writer who wrote articles for web sites and magazines. He was a songwriter and a composer. She was far away from the family that she loved, and he had lost his in tragic circumstances.

She moved next to him on the couch feeling very comfortable in his presence. He smiled that God had blessed him with the gift of her company. They both started to grow tired, and she fell asleep on his shoulder. They slept peacefully together on his couch.

Sunlight came streaming in through the windows, and they both blinked their eyes awake. The sunlight had returned after 48 hours of darkness. He had been graced with candle light before dawn. God had answered his prayer at the darkest hour. She realized as she looked into his eyes that nothing would ever be the same, and felt her heart swell for this man she has just met last night. The world outside their door was in chaos and she knew that no matter what it would be alright.


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

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