Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl

She was so small

So precious

Five pound sack of sugar

Light brown hair

Mama’s green eyes and smile

His first born

“Daddy take me fishing!”

Mama packed sandwiches, cookies and soda

Daddy launches the boat

Into blue-black inky water

Sun playing peak-a-boo

Through the drifting clouds

He checks her life jacket is on

Bundled up in layers

Fending off early morning chill

He baits her hook with wriggling tadpole

She wrinkles her nose at the yucky things.

Shows her how to cast off

He tells her Patience

Or she will scare the fish away.

She takes reels in a few times…

Then finally sits in blissful silence.

She never catches any fish,

But never forgets Peace on water.

Daddy’s little girl at sixteen

Teenage boy comes to the door,

“I am here to pick her up for the dance.”

Daddy gives the boy a warning look.

No boy is good enough for his baby.

Boyfriend looks at his date and gulps.

Only stealing a kiss before taking her home.

Daddy’s girl as a bride,

He can’t believe how the time flew,

From so small and precious

To the beautiful woman in white

She’s nervous and a little scared

And he is giving away his little girl

In her heart she will always be

Daddy’s girl.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


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