Humour: Tickling the Heart

Yesterday, I learned that my father has cancer. My Dad and I have a close relationship for a variety of reasons. We both have a “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude towards life that makes us leaders during difficult times. We both also have a similar wacky sense of humour. Dad has an apron that he used to wear with the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show when he would barbeque. As a kid, I grew up watching The Muppet Show, and the various movies. Even as an adult they still have the ability to make me laugh.

Humour is a coping mechanism that I learned from an early age. It was my Dad’s sense of fun that taught me life should also be joyful. Friends and family members who bless my life with their love also often have a good sense of humour and view life with a sense of fun. Earlier today a good friend of mine had me over at her place for a visit as she knows that I am worried about my Dad. Now she is one of my friends who has a wacky sense of humour.

She began to bang on cookie sheets, and act silly just like the Swedish Chef to get me laughing. By the time she was done her baking it took all of my self-control not to spit out my tea because I was laughing so hard. For a couple of hours I managed to forget my worries and my fears about my Dad’s health. That laughter continued later on when we were watching Adam Sandler movies.

Laughter has the power to heal and soothe the heart. Our ability to feel joy from laughing makes all the pain that can come with living worth it. When our hearts are fearful, sorrowful, or in pain it is important to be reminded that the joyous side of life can be the balm for the spirit. Wouldn’t God also want us to find the time to laugh, sing and dance?




3 thoughts on “Humour: Tickling the Heart

  1. I agree. Humor and laughter are so important to life, to our sense of well-being, to healing, to happiness, and to friendship. That’s one of the reasons I love hanging out with the friends I do is because they can make me laugh, and because we can see the humor in things.

    Some things I enjoy that make me laugh:

    – Margaret Cho
    – Sarah Silverman
    – my dog (when she’s in a playful mood)
    – the show Portlandia

    These are just a few but I thought I’d share.

    May I ask what kind of cancer (if you feel comfortable sharing)?

    I’m glad you are able to recognize your feelings about your father and his situation, and be able to also recognize and appreciate positive things he’s taught you in being able to cope with life’s challenges. Humor is a good one. It takes us out of ourselves and reminds us that not all is dark and not all is bad. 🙂

  2. Humour and laughter are helping to preserve what little bit of sanity I have left. Dad’s cancer started in the lungs then spread to the lymph nodes. Presently, I don’t know much more than that because we are waiting on test results to come back. During rough times, it does help us to cope with what life throws at us to remember what we find funny.

    Some other things I find funny:

    -Adam Sandler’s films and audio recordings
    -Larry the Cable Guy
    -George Carlin
    -You might be a red neck if…
    -my cats when they decide to act crazy

    I have been so very blessed to be surrounded with people who love me, and also who have a sense of fun. If I couldn’t laugh then I probably wouldn’t still be here. 🙂

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