Garden of Love


Garden of Love

Pulling weeds and old, dead growth

Yanking, sweating under the sun

Excrement and bone meal

Added for nourishment

To black topsoil

Crocuses poke their coy heads

As ladies at court greeting Spring

After long, lonely, languishing Winter

Pink peonies nod their heads

In the June breeze

Ladies in waiting…

For their Queen of Hearts,

Rose red as blood,

Take care to watch her thorns,

She is beautiful and cruel,

In her garden of love.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


4 thoughts on “Garden of Love

    1. Thank you! Yes, you do see an Alice in Wonderland reference with the Queen of Hearts and the red roses. Red roses are my favourite flowers. They are associated with passion and love, but have thorns that can hurt despite their beauty. I am a gardener myself and my favourite book as a child was The Secret Garden. Gardens can signify growth, nurturing and healing.

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