Poetic Interludes

Answer for Suffering

I did not just survive,

Determined to thrive.

Amanda means,

Worthy of love,

Parents believed that I am.

Life took much away

Even memory of feeling loved

All that remains

Is my soul

God heals my heart wounds

Reminding me that

I am worthy of



Oh beloved…a prince among souls,

What beautiful horrible ache,

For hands touching hands,

Mouths to worship lips,

Hear your voice’s joyous melody

For my fire to wrap itself

Around you like a cozy blanket

To join in the rhythm of being

For energy and breath to flow

Together in unison

Ending this longing.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


5 thoughts on “Poetic Interludes

    1. Thank you for the compliment. 🙂 I allowed them to flow from the depths of my heart without any editting. I am very blessed to be able to express myself creatively. I also really enjoy your poems as they flow like water. 🙂

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