The Voice Within

Christina’s Aguilera’s voice has the power to express passionate emotion. “The Voice Within” expresses the message that your inner knowingness gives you all the tools that you need to cope with whatever is happening around you. An open heart allows our souls to listen to God. Singing and making music are not the creative gifts that God chose to bless me with.

I am so very blessed though with the capacity to be deeply moved by what I hear, see and experience. Three times already today I was blessed with gifts that have assisted in healing, provided peace, or expressed strong emotion that I cannot yet. Despite the chaos surrounding me I have everything that I need. This is like a forest fire that destroys dead trees, and the nutrients in the ashes help new growth to flourish.

Those of you who read my blog, like my posts and comment really are wonderful blessings that encourage me to keep writing. Thank you for this.




5 thoughts on “The Voice Within

  1. I too find comfort in music. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much time goes by before I seriously sit down and just enjoy music and it’s healing properties.

    Keep writing. Write all of this down. Write down the pain. Write all the good. Always be writing publicly or privately. Someday you’ll look back at what you wrote and be glad you did.

  2. Most of this morning was spent listening to music. Music has great healing properties, and the ability to soothe. When you are dealing with chaos in your life it helps to find moments of peace. Three people dear to me are gifted musicians. Two have since gone to join God, and the other one is a very dear friend. The latter was the inspiration for my poem, “The Guitarist.”

    Writing at present is helping to preserve my sanity. I may start to scale back on my number of blog posts, write privately more, and post the gems on here. It’s a historical record of the journey that I am on, and perhaps some day what I write will help someone else.

  3. Rising from ashes pure, spotless, and yearning to embrace life again like phonex bird . I love this piece too 🙂
    P.S .We love youe writing because it invaded our mind,and heart so we can’t resist loving it 😉

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