Fuzzy and plain: unremarkable,


Nothing terribly special,

Surrounded by verdant cocoon,

In appearance of dormancy,

One must wait for God’s art,

For if man peeks too soon,

By daring to breathe life,

Will destroy the magic waiting within…

Struggle to free itself moves,

Fluid towards the majestic wings,

As they unfurl sunlight reflects off,

Joseph’s coat of many colours,

On wings that flit in summer air,

Finally free of chrysalis.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


2 thoughts on “Chrysalis

  1. Thank you. It was inspired by “The Butterfly” from Zorba the Greek, and the song by Mariah Carey “Butterfly.” I am in a period of transition in my life and spirituality, so the butterfly is a powerful metaphor for change and the soul.:)

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