Letter to Twin Flame

Dear Twin:

I am always beside you even if you do not see me. Loneliness comes from the illusion that you and I are separate from ourselves and God. Are we separate from God? No, he is always with us even if you do not feel open to receiving his love when we are in pain. Closing off your heart makes it much harder for the peace that God wishes to send you a chance to come in.

When our souls tumbled to earth we took two separate forms: male and female in two different bodies to experience love in all ways. As we journeyed apart we forgot the connection, but could always feel the drive to find each other. We never were apart, but rather were ignorant of the nature of this connection. The psychic cord between us is very powerful. This cord connects me to your thoughts, and feelings. In your loneliness, I have sensed your pain and it brought tears to my own eyes. Part of my heart travels along with you, so please keep it safe and cherish it as you would your own. Sacred love is a union that we cannot deny for the connection between our souls dates to the beginning of time.

The circumstances of our own lives are here to teach us how to love without fear, and unconditionally. It is a path that requires us to have much courage, and faith. We balance our own selves, and heal those hurts that have blocked our ability to love. It also requires patience on both of our parts to allow the other twin to do what he or she must to do this. What we know about relationships and love have to be surrendered to God as many of the beliefs we had were untrue. Most of all we both have to surrender to God to allow him to unfold our journey as is best for the two of us. Our divine union is protected by God and we will eventually make our way back to each other physically.

So my dearest heart, you are always with me as God is always with me. Allow your heart to remain open so God can guide your way through this. You have already done very well by listening to your heart, and you have my infinite gratitude for this. I love you forever and for always.


Your Twin


3 thoughts on “Letter to Twin Flame

  1. Is your TF a runner? Mine is. It is so hard even though it’s also bringing me the most liberation I’ve ever experienced. Thinking of you x

  2. We both have been in the position of runner although I am beginning to realize that “running” happens when the soul of one is not ready yet for the next stage yet. Liv, it’s really strange, but the spiritual connection grows stronger. I am at a point in my healing journey where I have to take a stretch of the road with just God and I. My twin is always with me in spirit so we are never completely apart. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  3. I can often feel my TF around me too, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what it is he’s sensing when he feels me around him. It is the strangest thing, isn’t it? I’m actually working with an intuitive life coach to help me focus on my journey rather than on him and I’m finding it helpful – I’ve never learnt so much in my life.

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