Destroyed Innocence

Destroyed Innocence

She crouches in a corner of the closet

He robbed her of her trust

When she screamed as he gave into his lust

God didn’t return her deposit

Of the virtue she once possessed

She scrubs and scrubs away his scent

It continues to haunt her futile rent

When she survives to clean up her messed

Body and soul ravaged by his abuse

Someone else will reach for her in love

But she views it as a too close shove

Tears drown her still little girl refuse

Her innocence was brutally stolen

By a human demon incapable of recanting

All that is still bound for decanting

Innocence destroyed in her days of golden


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


4 thoughts on “Destroyed Innocence

  1. This poem was written many years closer to the time of the sexual assault that I experienced. The human soul does have the strength to grow and overcome the pain that it is carrying around. At the time, the horror was overwhelming, and the internal pain. Point is that I am still alive, and having a joyful existence is even better than revenge as then the perpetrator did not win. The blog and my poems are my way of sharing my experience on many levels.

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