The fiery bird blazes across a peaceful sky

To evoke its new span of my

Wings flickering truth on the mirror

Where my reflection has grown clearer

I spy in this looking glass

A metamorphosis of an egg, my pass

Into this world as a dragon fly

Whose body shines light into my eye

The phoenix once burned with a fierce sadness

That once risen from the ashes is now gladness

I liberated from a bound book

All I hid in a forgotten nook

The phoenix sets the sky alight

My soul has taken flight

To dump a stinking ton

The phoenix and I now merge into one


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


2 thoughts on “Phoenix

  1. lol I don’t reveal secrets unless there is a cup of tea involved. This is about transformation though, and dragonfly’s are a symbol like a butterfly. Maybe it shining light into my eye means that something external is lighting the way for an internal transformation.

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