Above the World

Above the World

Two small specks on rocky mountain,

Staring down at bustling street below.

Cars rush to and fro,

Purposeful panicked problem-solver!

Each is on an individual mission,

Craziness like London Underground during morning commute,

Little do they understand-

In an instant…

Everything can change and their flames go out!

One hiding death in a backpack…

Quick explosion then screams not knowing

What happened?

Living and working so close,

In an instant:

Creator could’ve called my soul Home.

Here I am and here you are,

Sipping tea on a mountain above a small town,

Telling me that life’s meaning,

Is in treasured moments like these,

Above the world and spiritually in awe of,

The beauty that is our breath and life.


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


2 thoughts on “Above the World

    1. Thank you. Sitting high above everyone else while they are going to and fro sounds like a lovely way to spend time with someone that you care deeply for. Hey, if one brings some tea along it makes it even better. Life is too short not to enjoy moments.

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