Katy Perry and My Recovery

Katy Perry’s music has had a big impact on me in the past 6 months. In this blog post I will explain why. Three songs have have been inspirations to me. Katy Perry is a very creative artist in how she presents her music, and works with an effective team to do this.

“Firework” is a song by Katy Perry that talks about the divine spark in all of this. You can see this as your soul, or the spark of hope perhaps. Before starting this most recent phase of therapy I felt like “six feet under but scream no one seems to hear a thing. ” Those lyrics were something that I could really relate to; then the song goes into this inspirational pep talk. At the time I first heard the song I was dwelling in a really dark abyss of self-hate and pain. Anything that can give you hope is important to nurture.

“Part of Me” is another Katy Perry song that I could relate to. The song talks about your soul not being damaged by anyone. It’s the one part of me that still felt intact at the time. Life had washed away a lot of the things that I had believed and had also worked for in my life. This blog records my journey to fight my way back to peace, unconditional love and a sense of wholeness in myself.

“Wide Awake” by Katy Perry was an inspiration to me personally because the music video depicts her relationship with her inner child. A while ago I asked God to return those pieces of me that were hidden or missing, so that I could integrate them together. Something happened earlier this morning, and my reaction was that of a 6 year old little girl…not the adult woman that I am. So I excused myself, and went home to sort this out. Trauma can cause pieces of us to hide to protect ourselves, or we silence those parts as what they try to tell us is very painful. Rather than ignoring her I found a private space, had a good cry and welcomed her home. The little girl represents my innocent spirit, and sense of fun that I thought was lost forever. As I write this I find myself tearing up, because I am so happy that she’s home.

May all of you who read this find the love, peace, prosperity and good health that you all deserve.




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