Tantra and Love

This video gets into the laws of love, which I try to live by as much as I can. Love has been healing my heart. It begins with a spiritual connection to God as you understand him, her, or it personally. Then you begin to remove the barriers in your heart that block love from entering by healing those wounds you have endured. Love manifests in our lives when you stop seeking it and allow yourself to be it. Self-love takes time, and is by far the most challenging part of the journey of the heart. One can stay the course by continuing to show compassion towards yourself as well as others. This means doing what you need to in order to nourish your spirit. Last night that meant for me taking a long warm shower, putting on comfortable pjs, watching a classic movie, and eating some vanilla ice cream. These actions bring my soul joy and comfort, which are ways of being compassionate and loving towards myself. What actions could you take today to nourish your spirit?




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