Echoing down Psyche’s halls

Daughters of Eve: one and all

A deep longing, our heart’s call

To know and understand

Answers coming from only one place

Do you see me?

Am I captivating?

Do I have a beauty all my own?

Deepest longing as a little girl and now a woman

My heart wounded by flawed answers

Inky black without any torchlight

For human love is not the medecine

To rid myself of this dis-ease

Beloved…answer my questions

Heal my wounds

Guide me to live this great adventure called Life

Nurture the beauty of my heart

So the fragrance and their wonderful blooms

May comfort, and bring peace to the weary

Or joy, and shared tears…

Captivate my heart…learning to love truer, and more beautifully

Ending all questions.


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


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