Beauty from Pain

As a gardener I can tell you that the best fertilizer to grow roses consists of manure, also known as shit, and bone meal (ground up cattle or sheep bones leftover from slaughterhouses). So from something considered filthy, and also painful can grow beautiful roses? I do not understand why trauma has happened to myself, and others. I only know that I have seen beautiful things come from it. Nature is beautiful and brutal as well, so can our lives also be this way.

A childhood friend of mine lost her infant daughter to SIDS a few years ago. The death of her child crippled her to the point of where she was struggling to function. She focused her attention on caring for her son, and she also learned to take care of herself. My childhood friend Kim is an inspiration for me, and I love her for her strength. Her beauty is in how strong she is inside and out. When I had difficult days I would think of how strong she was, which inspired me to keep going.

Beauty does come from pain, but it takes time. That beauty may be in helping someone else, empathy gained through your suffering, or even the fruits of creativity that expresses that pain. I had to surrender all of it into God’s hands, because my own efforts weren’t working. He has brought some beautiful things from my pain. This has allowed me to see the depths in my own soul that I hope as my healing progresses will allow me to assist other people to see their beauty. Until then some days I am glad to just rest my head on the pillow at night. These days are becoming less and less frequent the further along I go.

May those of you who are in pain find the beauty along your journey.




6 thoughts on “Beauty from Pain

  1. You are exactly correct! What a great message that people in pain need to hear. There is a song I like called ‘Beauty in the Broken’ by Starfied. Charles Stanley talked about the storms in life. They are inevitable. Either you are in one NOW or one is COMING. What we need is anchor and this can be different to everyone. But indeed there is an anchor in our times of storm and we don’t need to be afraid. Storms mold our character and chip away at our lives to bring us to wholeness and joy and healing.

    1. You really have to find the peaceful moments during the storm and before another one arrives. I gave “Captivated” by Starfield a listen and it’s a lovely song. In the midst of the storm we don’t always see what may come out on the other side. My grandmother said the same thing once that hardship and how we handle ourselves in the midst of it develop our character. I do hope that you are right about the storms cleansing away the old to make way for wholeness, joy and healing. My own heart struggles with that at times.

  2. A struggling heart is a good thing HUGS. If we were all so comfortable all the time we’d never grow. When we struggle we can take comfort that we are working into a good direction. Storms can take a lot out of us but the stuff that is gone gives us an opportunity for God to fill us with the answers to our prayers.

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