Dark Night of the Soul

Those of us who follow a spiritual path from time to time face a difficult time, the dark night of the soul, that can manifest as depression among other things. It is a time largely of solitude, and seeking inwards. Meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices may bring limited comfort. Suffering does purify the heart although the process can be very painful as old part of your ego drop away. Many of the things I believed were true about myself, those around me, what I believed, and what is truly important were not the truth. In the midst of this, God does watch and love us even though we may feel alienated during the painful growth. St. John of the Cross wrote this beautiful love song between himself and God. Its expression of the passionate love for God gave me comfort during this difficult time.




5 thoughts on “Dark Night of the Soul

  1. Thank you for this beautiful message…the video love song brought a great sense of peace to me. I too am a struggling survivor and using a blog to help make order out of chaos. If you’d like to visit my blog it’s: http://www.thefaithtosurvive.wordpress.com; it would bring me a sense of satisfaction to know that maybe something I’ve written could comfort you as well. Have a peaceful day Amanda. –Merida K.

  2. Thank you Merida for visiting my blog and it brings me joy that you found peace in something that I posted on here. I paid your blog a visit, commented on some of your posts and I am now following. Networking with survivors who are in different stages of recovery can be a great source of hope and inspiration to keep going.

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