Rescuing Medusa

Medusa was the archetype associated with the feminine mysteries like menstruation (it seemed miraculous to men when they died on the battlefield that someone could bleed for 7 days and live), conceive new life (prior to science this was mysterious), and give birth (this is something that only females can do). She was called by many names: including Maat (Egyptian), Athena (Greek maiden form of her), and even Lilith. She is the symbol of feminine mystery and rage. In many of the myths, she began as a great beauty who was punished in some way with ugliness.

Thank you to Soraya (Organised Chaos) for the inspiration for the poem below.


Rescuing Medusa

In hand rests my sword of truth,

You are me and are in me,

Down the darkest corridors,

Of my feminine heart…

Do I hear your raging screams,

Sound of the deepest torment and grief,

Hardened hearts we share,

And fury unhinged as in mirrors…

Witnessing the pain of your sisters,

Each a sacred Goddess,

Within their hearts…

Sorrow, and pain cause forgetting,

Of our true beauty and divine nature,

Knocking on many doors,

Slaying underworld’s demons with truth,

Take off your hideous mask,

Gaze into the mirror at your reflection,

Hair arranged in dreadlocks,

Two bright eyes full of sorrow,

Arms and waist encircled by gold serpents,

Ouroboros-birth, death and rebirth.

Tell me your story,

So your sisters can be rescued,

By breaking our silence,

Feminine wisdom restored…

Sophia nurturing all hearts,

Medusa’s rage calmed.

Aiding my own heart: rescuing Medusa.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


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