“Now, After” (PTSD from A Soldier’s Perspective)

Earlier today I was exploring possible writing topics for the blog when I ran across this short film based on the true story of a veteran who returns from Iraq. SSG Kyle Hausmann-Stokes of US Army, Infantry struggles with disturbing images, and flashbacks as he tries to return to his former life as a college student. Post traumatic stress disorder was first recognized in returning veterans as shell shock. Soldiers often are prided to maintain a stiff upper lip, and trudge on through the trauma. It can be a great source of fear that you may be judged as weak by your peers. This stereotype does little to heal the reality of the pain that these veterans face. Post traumatic stress disorder is very much like fighting a war daily within yourself. SSG Kyle Hausmann-Stokes found support among other veterans. Isolation is one of the worst side effects of PTSD, and I can tell you from personal experience that making connections with other survivors who have had similar trauma is an important part of the recovery process. Post traumatic stress disorder can get better with professional help. It doesn’t have to be a life sentence.



5 thoughts on ““Now, After” (PTSD from A Soldier’s Perspective)

    1. I know that the suicide rates among young veterans who return from combat is high. In the US, they are working to establish better treatment for returning veterans who are living with post traumatic stress disorder. The film I posted only speaks of one soldier’s experience. I think that his decision to depict his experience was a brave one meant to end the ignorance surrounding PTSD. I live with PTSD personally, but I am not a veteran so I cannot understand their experience as it is different from my own.

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