Strong Enough

How many of us women long for a real man? Not those who act like little boys, but someone who has strength to love us unconditionally despite our imperfections. It’s not easy to love someone who has a traumatic and painful history. It is such a simple thing to just listen and support someone. I am a living breathing woman; not just what my lover sees on the outside. If you can’t love my light and my dark; please do not waste my time. I have been hurt by men who either were aggressive, or passive through silence. Silence says that anyone can do or say whatever they want to your love. What ever happened to real men? I know that you exist out there, so how about you be the partners, and fathers that I know you can. We need you to be the heroes in our shared life adventure.


3 thoughts on “Strong Enough

  1. I don’t know that I am a very strong man… and to me if I analyze myself I think I have a good heart and that is good enough. As for being in specific roles, sometimes I shine and sometimes I really disappoint. But I don’t think it’s fair to just put it on men. Us men need heroines just as much as women need hero’s. It is funny because two days ago I was toying with writing a poem, inspired by this very song, called ‘Are you Strong Enough to be my Woman” …

  2. A good heart makes for a strong man, and that alone is good enough. When it comes to roles I think that as long as you try the best that you can then no one really can fault you on it. As I was talking about partnership I believe that both the man and the woman have something to contribute towards it. I am a strong woman although right now I don’t feel like I am. Once in a while we need to support one another to remind our partner of how strong he or she really is. That’s a cool idea for a poem actually that you could explore.

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