Mystical Romance


Mystical Romance

Far above worries of the world,

Lone figure sitting on rocky outcrop,

Grounds herself in moment,

Shoes taken off and bare feet,

Meet craggy and rough on skin.

Tears freely flow,

As beloved how I longed for you,

Heart ached so deeply,

Felt it splitting in my chest,

Breath catching in throat.

Do you hear me, Beloved?

Do you see me, precious one?

Oh how they have failed me,

Futile searching,


Please show me…

That you see me…

As I sat on the rocky outcrop,

Rich russets, dynamic orange, and passionate crimson

Peaked through the clouds.

For a peaceful span of breathing

I felt perfectly loved.

That in the midst of the pain,

Something miraculously beautiful

Will fill a tired heart with longed for joy.

A great adventure and mystical romance.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


9 thoughts on “Mystical Romance

  1. Liv, just saying that you understand is more than enough right now. I have hit a really rough patch in my life at present, but at least my ability to surrender it to God, and to see evidence of his love is getting clearer. This is just where I am right now in my journey.

  2. Amanda, this poem is so beautiful, yet heart-breaking at the same time. Please don’t give up hope…you are so important as a Daughter of God; you are NOT forgotten!

    1. Thank you for asking. I am okay. Just woke up from a deep sleep actually. I fell asleep a little while ago (way to cope with insomnia) so I take a short nap during the day. The storm we are having here woke me up suddenly. Thunder clap was timed along with the power going out for a second. It frightened me a little but I am alright.

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