Fire in the Belly

Flashdance (1983) was a film that inspired me when I was a child. This is the official music video for Irene Cara’s song “What a Feeling.” Flashdance is about a young woman, Alex, who works as a welder by day, and dancer at a club at night. The movie tells the story of her journey from the desire to become a dancer right up to her chance to turn that dream into a reality.

As a small child, I danced along to the song in my parents’ livingroom. I lost myself in the experience of the music. My prior post “Singing Like No One Hears” was actually based on events earlier this evening. I was in a car with a bunch of girlfriends then began to sing off-key to “Footloose.” My friends started to sing along with me in the spirit of fun.

When we are so small the world is so very large and full of wonderful possibilities. We do not allow anyone to tell us who we are. Rather we lose ourselves in the joy of being our authentic self in the present. Now I enjoy dancing, but that is not what lights the fire in my belly. What gets you really excited? What would you do every day of your life if you could?

Writing for me has been my therapy, and also my deepest passion. The written word is what lights the fire in my belly. Language is how I express my perspective on the world as well as my place within it. Recently, I submitted some of my poems to a magazine. Soon I will be sending off more of my work to other publications to see who bites. Magazines and literary journals don’t require you to have an agent, so I thought this would be the best place to begin.

Life is too short to leave what fires your belly for another day. Any thoughts on what you feel really passionate about?




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