sum doesn’t equal parts

a strange surrealism

not feeling like yourself

walking dead in life’s horror story

all sensation numbed

when something feels too raw

mind left unfamiliar husk behind

where am I?

spirit sitting in the wasteland


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


4 thoughts on “Disconnection

    1. That’s unfortunate that you have been there yourself. I am glad that you found my writing something that you could relate to. It’s one of those experiences that until one goes through themselves is really difficult for anyone else to relate to. Thank you for commenting on my poem.

    1. Thank you for the hugs and your comment. I tend to agree that the wasteland isn’t a bad place although the rawness and honesty are unpleasant when you are in the thick of it. Our minds really do wonderful things to make sure that we make time to rest when it gets to be too much. This is something that I am grateful for. 🙂

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