Secret Garden


Secret Garden

locked gate to story of my heart

mystery key lost in forgotten location?

unlikely curio shop find

or hiding in silver trinket box

dusty yet so very precious

along overgrown passages of clinging ivy

green hiding the old iron lock

inside weeds choking dormant flowers

So I begin…

hands in dirt for want of tools

smelling sweet black earth

pen knife emerges from pocket as I check for Wick

can flowers be saved; or is it too late?

fittest will survive so weeds overtake

sunlight beams over garden walls

nourish roses, violets, and tulips

magic emerging at right time and place

as I love them so they are nurtured…

love in the secret garden.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


2 thoughts on “Secret Garden

    1. onebravesurvivorhealing

      Thank you. The picture is an illustration by Russell Barnett who I think illustrated an edition of The Secret Garden. The book is one of my favourites from when I was a child, and really inspired the poem.

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