Becoming Comfortable in My Skin

Self-love began with a very conscious decision that I wanted to change my life. I have had moments along this journey where I have doubted myself. It can be very scary to take risks as you are making yourself vulnerable to judgement, or even rejection. Those of you who are published writers know well the risk that you take when you submit work for publication. Writing, editing and sending manuscripts are part of how I spend my time these days as publishing my work is one of my goals. If my mission is to thrive rather than just survive I knew that I needed to take risks.

It started with baby steps towards taking bigger risks. When I leave my home to go out I have started to wear a little makeup, and to dress in clothing that flatters me. The clothing that I choose reflects my classic sense of style, and is always comfortable. These small changes make a huge amount of difference in how I see myself as well as how others relate to me. On Friday I was at the local shopping center, and had two acquaintances remark on how I was looking really good. Now compliments make anyone feel great yet my choice to wear the makeup and dress well were for my own benefit first.

Letting go of perfectionism is one of the most liberating things that I have ever done. Now I still have high standards, but there comes a point there where I tell myself through postive self-talk that my efforts are good enough. Perfectionism was problematic, because hesistation prevents you from opening yourself up to life’s possiblities, or it inhibits your ability to mindfully enjoy your present. My life is perfect by seeing the beauty in its imperfections. All of you, including myself, are deserving of a beautiful, meaningful life.

Selena’s Gomez’s song “Who Says” had me thinking about the negative messages that women receive that we are not good enough. The media bombards girls and women with this unattainable standard of perfection that you are nothing if you are not skinny, pretty, rich, or ________(insert here). I could really relate how toward the end of the video she was on the beach in a tank top and cut off shorts with bare feet in the water. Women are most beautiful when we are being our natural and authentic selves.

May all of you have a wonderful day where you are comfortable in your own skin.




2 thoughts on “Becoming Comfortable in My Skin

    1. You’re very welcome! Thank you for your comment, and it is wonderful when someone can relate to one of my more positive posts. Self-love really is rooted in loving actions towards yourself; I still doubt myself. This is getting better though the more that I notice the pleasures of being authentic.

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