Within Quiet

Within Quiet

life’s winding highway throws curves

each breath

fertile blessings of grace

faith means not knowing or understanding

purpose to events right now

yet still seeing all is well

within the quiet; within myself

resides the loving, comforting voice

of the infinite and omnipresent

my world changes constantly

shaping a wonderous path for my life

pebbles from stoning flow away from me

lost in the raging river flowing to vast seas

living in the quiet; my God and me

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


12 thoughts on “Within Quiet

      1. Same here. I started this blog to find answer but I find myself feeling at home here. I have meant some wonderful bloggers. I see myself in their writings, their blogs and in them. It’s amazing how I feel connected to so many bloggers. A very deep connection. Beyond the physical… It’s like we are all the same… 🙂

      2. Maybe we are all part of the same soul family. 🙂 Writing for me was a way to find answers to my life’s experiences. When you read other people’s blogs you can see that we all share more alike than we all think we are. I hope that you have an interesting journey, pilgrim. 🙂

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