Soul’s Cry

Soul’s Cry

light within deepest sensitivity

seeing rawest wounds

understanding love’s choice hurts

oh dearest…how the pain aches

do you hear my soul cry?

how shrill the pitch; a keening

banshee’s shrieked warning

deafening amidst your silence

heart commits strange crimes

against what we long for the most

tenderness and kindness too much

for a wounded heart to hold

creator hearing my soul’s cry

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


5 thoughts on “Soul’s Cry

    1. Liv, I am honestly not sure if I am nuts or was blessed to know my twin. I grew so much in six months that he was in my life, but boy is the departure painful. Life as I know it has been crazy. What ever happens just pray that the both of us are happy, healthy and prosperous in this life. xx

      1. You’re so lucky to have had 6 months with him – I’ve had 12 hours before mine started running (ridiculous, I know!). I know how painful it is and how crazy life is afterwards. I’m thinking of you and wishing you the best xxx

  1. Liv, you may email me if you wish to do so. My address is at the bottom of the blog. Now I do not know what to make of my experience, but I believe that those who come into our lives are there for a good reason. Thank you for your thoughts, and I wish you the same as well. xxx

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