Shifting Sands in Relationships

What wonderous possiblities lie before me! Our lives experience a shift when our hearts move into greater alignment with who we really are. The change may be so small that only I notice it at first, or it may be something more major that leads to a completely new branch in my journey. Recently, I made the choice to establish better boundaries in my relationships. This resulted in some people flowing away from my life, and for other relationships to grow stronger with a greater mutual respect for each other.

An energetic shift is occurring around me with those who I attract into my inner circle. Now I am always aware of the energy that I personally bring to any exchanges that I have with my envirnoment as my energy can either uplift or bring down another human being. When you shift your point of attraction to a higher frequency you attract people around you of a similar vibration. I have met new friends who share common interests, and experienced old friends returning into my life.

Below you will find the video where Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor speaks during an interview with Oprah about her experiences with healthcare, and recovery from physical illness.

The more that I interacted with those choosing to speak and think negatively; the greater a challenge that it was to shift my energy to a higher frequency. Your friends really do reflect who you are, and what you value. As you change, part of that growth means letting go of relationships that are not healthy, or that no longer serve you. When someone chooses to flow out of my life; I try to send them lovingkindness. All relationships teach our souls how to love unconditionally in many different contexts. Those around us can only affect our energy if we allow them that power. If I choose to share an exchange of ideas, time or effort then how the other person feels when our interaction is done is important.

Negativity is a trap that is so easy for someone to become ensnared in if you are not aware of your energy and of the energy of those around you. Gossip, and backbiting are two examples of how easy it can be to fall into the trap of negativity. James Redfield in The Celestine Prophecy writes how the protagonist witnesses the shift of energy between a couple arguing. This struggle for power is an illusion born out of a mentality that there is not enough energy for everyone. The only power that exists is Love. Anything else is an illusion perpetuated by the ego.

I wish all of you many positive interactions, and continued growth as you flow into greater alignment with your authentic selves.




6 thoughts on “Shifting Sands in Relationships

  1. I have used this approach for quite a while now, but never really had an explanation like this to help me understand why I thought it was so important! Thank you for this! ….and although I cannot return the same salutation …(*did some research and I am very careful to speak and write within my true beliefs) I will send you my appreciation and my desire for your well-being. 🙂

    1. When you are responsible for how you think, feel and act it really does affect how you relate to other people. Boundaries help a great deal with this. And you are very welcome. Thank you for leaving a comment as they are always a joy to read. You are wise to be true to yourself when it comes to how you write and speak as it’s more important to be true to you. Also thank you for your appreciation and wishes for my wellbeing. Both are much appreciated by me. 🙂

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