Ghost Love


Ghost Love

 Sweetly kissing soul space

Until you deep loving unknown

You: a mysterious enigma

Vanished without a trace

Behind sideshow mirrors

Within fog’s shifting shadows


How two wounded hearts drawn

Silly ingénue: understanding so little

Unaware of your reliving riddle

My scarred hands singed; came too close

Spontaneous combustion

Consuming all of you that I knew


Before fire devoured you

You bade me to flee

So I am not consumed: joining you in abyss

Asked me free myself:

From our beautiful delusion

Forgetting bittersweet ghost love

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


6 thoughts on “Ghost Love

  1. Letting doesn’t mean you stop loving…rather it means allowing the other person the space to live his or her life as he or she sees fit. Anyone who I truly loved has a special space in my heart that will be there forever. Unconditional love demands strength of heart. 🙂

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