Loving Like a Guardian Angel

Today I listened to “Guardian” by Alanis Morrissette from her album “havoc and bright lights” that she released in August. The song really stuck in my head the first time that I listened to it.

She reveals in an interview on Youtube that she was inspired by two relationships. The first one is the relationship between her inner parent, and inner child. The second is her relationship with her infant son. In the interview, she talks about how she realized early on that if she did not tend to her internal self that she would burn out, and not be able to be the mother to her son that she wanted to be.

Motherhood is something that I chose to postpone, because I realized that I needed to learn how to balance and care for myself before being responsible for the care of another human being. One cannot care for another being if you do not know how to give yourself love. The song is about loving fiercely and protectively, which is what good mothers do. I do not know when I will become a mother, but I do know when the time comes that my heart will be stronger for all the life experiences that I have had.



2 thoughts on “Loving Like a Guardian Angel

  1. I respect you for that decision. So many parents are unfair to their children because they created a life when they were not prepared. Parents think that they suffer because of their children….. It’s the other way around when people have no respect for themselves ….or their children.

    I’ve chosen the same.

  2. I applaud you on your kresponsible choice. I have seen too many kids whose parents didn’t want them, or were not ready for the responsibility when they arrived. Some people should not have kids. What breaks my heart is when those who really would make great parents have to fight so hard for the opportunity.

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