A Heart Reborn

A Heart Reborn

inbetween steady heart beats

brightest light gifting our silence

remember Eden; our home

two spiralling blue rays

who once were one

split into man and woman

always longing for each other

most of all for Home

illusion of separation

so desperate searching begins

flowing from partner to partner

seeking fulfillment outside yourself

until the day your heart

looks within itself

finding the inner truth

a heart reborn

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012


4 thoughts on “A Heart Reborn

  1. The Enfant Terrible

    A delightful piece about reconciling with yourself etc. I know that this is something which is incredibly personal to you. You really are a survivor.

    1. Thank you. The transition from victim to survivor took quite a while. It comes wtih making the conscious choice to shift your perspective about the events of your life. It’s still an unfolding process for me. The journey for each survivor is a different one.

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