Old House by the Sea


Old House by the Sea

Rain patters against old tin roof

As standing again at my window

How I yearn to hear your voice

My hands rough against ledge


Would you love me even,

When brown tendrils begin to frost?

Green eyes surrounded by laugh lines?

Body no longer as supple as in youth?


Come through my old door

Let me put on the copper kettle

Chasing our chills away; renew heart’s warmth

Bring out your guitar and sing of adventures


Awaiting you: drawing blanket against cold

Quiet coals tended carefully in heart

Stoking embers: Love will never part

Mess my bed with me, My Love


Throwing all youth’s fears to the floor

Along with feather pillows cast aside

Greet me with with your kisses

Come home, to my old house by the sea

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012


6 thoughts on “Old House by the Sea

    1. onebravesurvivorhealing

      Thank you for your words of encouragement to keep writing and for the hugs. They are words from my heart and love is the most powerful thing in the universe to heal.

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