Ishmael’s Eyes

Ishmael’s Eyes

I am a little boy

Holding a loaded gun

Still here as world spun

Unseeing my deadly toy


I am a little girl

Hiding in the dark

Afraid to light a spark

Darkness threatens to swirl


I am a woman

Crying for the downed slain

Screams echo but no one hears pain

Is this part of God’s plan?


I am a man

Judged for my faith

Souls screech with wraith

Symbols of hate I ban


I am the enemy

Wanting to journey home alone

Leave behind men’s stone

Trusting in ignorance’s infamy

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012


5 thoughts on “Ishmael’s Eyes

    1. onebravesurvivorhealing

      If more people were willing to face the truth about the world around us then it could change into something much better. Thank you. 🙂

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