Moon and Stars


Moons and Stars


Hearts beat fast within the fire of the bodhran’s pounding

Moons and stars call people together under the lights

Of nature’s eternal ethereal glow ancient sounding

Flames leap high to the wings soaring above sites


Where the stone fell to cascade ruins upon the bridge

Between the heart and the mind dancing together

Torches burn the sins of those past the ridge

Who hide within the lofty soft heather


Moons and stars promise the world to the passion player

Pummelling the heart with cudgel, but it is the choice

To let go or linger the sands in the whirling water slayer

To the moons and stars in their turn to rejoice


You have the chance to dance in that light

That shadows toy with in the dawn’s pain

Jumping above the flames flickering bright

How the loser truly so does gain


(c) Amanda Wilson 2012


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