I Will Rest in You

“I Will Rest in You” is a beautiful, spiritual song by Mindy Gledhill. This week I hit a rough patch in my recovery where I am afraid to open the door to my heart. Allowing someone I love into the temple of my heart leaves me very open and vulnerable. My heart doesn’t wish to trust myself or others, because it has been hurt several times deeply in this lifetime. Giving and receiving love requires an open heart, which I do not have at this time. Faith in God really is the only option that I have right now as I have exhausted all my own knowledge on how to open my heart. Some where within I can see the beauty of my own heart and would like to share it in my intimate partnership. God’s unconditional love is the purest form that we can be witness to, so this is my starting point.



4 thoughts on “I Will Rest in You

    1. Thank you for sending love, Liv. I know in my soul that I will get through this although things feel bumpy right now. The journey I find myself on has me removing barriers to giving and receiving love. Our hearts require such courage to do this sometimes. *hugs to you*

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