All I Need

This is a lyric video for the song “All I Need” by the band Within Temptation. I had written an earlier blog post about the topic of feeling vulnerable when a survivor opens her heart to an intimate partner. Sexual trauma can violate spiritual, physical, mental and emotional boundaries. This creates huge issues around trust, intimacy, self-loathing in the survivor, and impairs the ability to give and receive love.

Some of us, myself included, respond to this by closing off our hearts to preserve the little bit of us that is left from further destruction. A closed off heart is a problem though when you are trying to fully engage with life again. It doesn’t work, because self-love and loving others requires that we be open hearted. The healing process to come back can be very slow.

If you have an intimate partner who has suffered sexual trauma through childhood sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault then you will have to have a great deal of patience and unconditional love as she makes her journey back from the abyss. Those few who have made my heart a better place gave me a great deal of love, and had a lot of courage to see all of me. I am very grateful for the blessing to have met those who love unconditionally for they give me courage to keep going.



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