Divine Heartbeat

On October 21, I attended with my younger sister a Sean Dayton concert at Riverside Community Church located in Swastika, Ontario. Music was a bit part of worship in the Lutheran church that I attended as a child where every Sunday you could hear out on the street many voices singing in praise and worship. On Tuesday afternoon, I attended my first choir practice with a combined choir of adults and school age children. It has been 16 years since I last sang with a choir, so it proves to be a joyful return home. The Anglican church where I attend choir practice has a wall hanging as you come inside that reads: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

Sean and Aimee Dayton are worship leaders based in North Bay, Ontario in whose ministry music plays an integral role. Sean speaks of the recording process for the song “Heartbeat,” which was my favourite among those that they performed at the concert. What I find most wonderful is how they felt the joyful presence of God as they were working in the creative process.

Below you will find a performance of the song “Heartbeat” that Sean Dayton performs live in the UBC Canada Studios on Rise and Shine Live with Kevin and Anita. It has meaningful lyrics with just Sean’s voice and an acoustic guitar. It’s perfect and deeply touching in its simplicity.

I hope that you enjoy his spiritual gift of song as much as I did. Over the course of the concert I felt like I had come home to really gentle, peaceful place where I was loved and felt safe. May all of you have a great week filled with many blessings.



2 thoughts on “Divine Heartbeat

    1. Jo, they tried many years ago to change the name of the town after the second world war. The swastika originally was a symbol of good luck, life, sun, power and strength for 3,000 years prior to the Nazis adopting the symbol and with what they did through history it unfortunately twisted the original meaning. Thank you for finding the blog inspiring. 🙂

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