Farewell to Samhein

Fourteen years ago on this night, I was at a Halloween party when I heard that my close friend Jason had committed suicide during the early morning hours. As time passes the wounds have healed greatly. My reaction when I was told by the mother of the party’s host must have been shock as I asked her if she was joking. I can remember exactly what I was wearing that night, the people who were at the party, and the feeling of forebooding that I had tried to shake all day long. Time has not dulled my desire to see my friend again when God sees fit to call me home. Time has, however, with healing gave me a greater desire to make the years between my birth and death count for something. Birth, death and rebirth are part of a greater cycle that one can see in the natural world around us.

Farewell to Samhein

On a dark Samhein night,

The veils of time chose to part

When dreams of darkness take flight

Summoning the lost one’s heart.

Hear the bodhran pounding air

Calling, calling the rolling mists

We dance around bonfires fair

A whispering on the breeze insists.

The Great Mother issues her charge:

“To remember cycle of the year

By facing your fate without fear.”

Our hearts sing along funeral barge.

One soul reaches for my hand

As full moon kisses spirit’s highs

Life after life-merry meet without sighs

Old lover journeys to new land.

Merry meet when the veils part

Old friends and lovers float in mists

Comforting us by memory of heart

Souls leave before dawn insists.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012


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