Behind Me

Behind Me

I snapped this photograph on Sunday evening around the time that the sun was going down. I ventured out for a short walk and the sunset was so pretty that I took my camera along with me. When I took the photograph I was thinking about how it is only by looking behind me that I can see the beauty of where I have been along my journey. I pay attention when I take my walks to only what is immediately before me, and try to take that same attitude of being mindful in the present. Every once in a while it is nice to pause to think about the beauty of where I have traveled.



7 thoughts on “Behind Me

  1. Ian Gudger

    Gratitude for every each step ahead and each step taken is always a good thing. Thanks for the reminder. I too need to be grateful for the steps taken. 🙂 Love the picture. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome for the reminder. It is great to live in the present, but gratitude for the past and what the future may bring are also important for different reasons. The past tells you how you got to the present and the future is hope for positive things that may come. Glad you enjoyed the picture. I am still learning about photography so feedback is always appreciated. 🙂

      1. Ian Gudger

        What you say is so true. I would be happy to give feedback on photography if I knew anything myself. It is a hobby for me too. I generally like to take pictures of small things that sometimes get missed. Like water drops on a leaf.

      2. Details can make for some interesting photographs. I am just starting off with photography and it is really fascinating to me how an image can have a lot of meaning. I started off with an interest in painting and the photography came along with that as a photograph can be a good starting point for a painting. I like details from nature or small objects looked at in a new way.

      3. Ian Gudger

        Me too. You might like the picture I took and used for the top of my website. I love that picture and what it communicates to me and hopefully others. Here’s the link if you’re interested in taking a look:

      4. Ian Gudger

        I thought so too. I wish I could say I have more as good as that one. I’ve tried, but I haven’t liked anything as much as that one. Oh well, here’s to our picture taking hobbies. Thanks again for sharing your pictures. 🙂

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