Loving Boy Within A Man

The following poem is both dedicated to my husband and to a dear old friend.

Loving the Boy Within the Man

Thinking back to lazy summer days…

you and your brothers throwing firecrackers at,

each other’s ankles foreshadowing silly pranks.

your wives laughing at your silliness.


Chasing your nieces and nephew,

little girl sailing through the air;

adults smiling at her peals of laughter,

boyish fun a glimpse of future loving father made.


Remember a hard pink slip morning,

whiskey in a glass at 9 am and your fears…

of disappointing me: loving you more for showing your weakness

and holding you until you fell asleep in my arms.


In my imagination you swing on birches,

my little girl lost climbing tall trees,

remembering she was always whole,

and worthy of love.


Fun hiding in your innocent, soulful blue eyes,

part of you even though you forget sometimes,

remains untouched from loss,

inside the noble man that you are…


Lives a boy who has a gentle smile,

who thaws the frosty hearts,

of those who do not know how

to love the boy within the man.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013




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