Dark Roads I Have Travelled

Dark Roads I Have Travelled

This is a photograph of an old logging road near my home that I took about a week ago. Two things I really love about photography are the ability the camera has to capture light and shadows. As someone who travels the road of recovery both light and shadows are something that I can personally relate to. My scariest times were at night when I would experience vivid nightmares, and insomnia. When the nightmares were especially bad I would sleep with a lamp on to ease my own fears. Through counselling and using my strengths I learned to overcome my symptoms slowly over time. This photograph means a lot to me, because the beginning of my journey was a lot like seeing only a little light in front of me and the rest was darkness. In many cultures, a spiritual quest includes a journey into the underworld where the hero faces his or her demons to emerge stronger on the other side. This photograph reminds me of where I have been and how far I have come since then.



3 thoughts on “Dark Roads I Have Travelled

    1. Thank you for your comments on both my photograph and telling me that I am an inspiration. Honestly, the blog has helped me to grow stronger over the past year, and to become more myself. If what I write or share on here allows someone else to do the same for themselves then the efforts are really worth it. 🙂

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