History of a Soul

History of a Soul

ray of light making trek down spiral staircase

another incarnation

how many steps my soul has taken


running hands through Egyptian sands

protected from sun by wig and linen;

my dark eyes witnessing

slaves piling block after block on pyramids


walking down a Roman road

to where the stones meet the stars

certain times of the year

we danced around bonfires


someone’s eyes I remember

as my last thought

before the katana fell on my neck

piece of my kimono sailing on the wind


clothed in a black habit

standing in a cathedral doorway

passing provisions on back of a horse drawn cart

orphans leaving cloistered life while I remain


myself and others digging our graves

yellow star on our chests

dark time of history

prepared for the bullet hitting its mark before I fell


a soul with a vague memory

that these are but a few

of many incarnations in history of a soul


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013








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